We are a worldwide team focusing on these major product fulfillment competencies:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Logistics

Quantum has extensive experience in strategic sourcing, product commercialization, value engineering and quality system management.

We have developed a global network of high quality manufacturing partners in Asia and have utilized these relationships to grow and meet the needs of our customers.

Our product lines continue to expand due to Quantum’s high level of customer service, quality, speed to market and value.

Working together with our clients, Quantum Solutions can meet or exceed any feasible project or product challenge.

February 2001

Quantum Solutions, Inc founded – launched supplying goods and services in the power supply industry.

March, 2003

Started supplying products in the lawn and garden, controls and plumbing industries.

October, 2007

Expanded into Quantum Solutions Warehouse and Quality Center in ShenZhen, China.

September, 2011

Certified China Operation per ISO 9001

February, 2012

Launched Quantum Solutions Assembly Factory in ShenZhen, China

Industrial Products

Screw Machine

Quantum has become a leading supplier of screw machined components and assemblies for a vast array of markets. We machine parts from a wide variety of material including brass, steel, copper, bronze, titanium, aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. We machine parts from up to 2 1/8 inch diameter round or 2 inch hex.

Power Shaft, Drive Shaft and Rotational Drive Components

Quantum Solutions supplies a wide range of power shaft and drive shaft components for consumer product applications. Multiple material applications with next-assembly bearing dimensional and surface finish needs, and critical material property applications are developed to meet and exceed customer-specific requirements.

Engine Valve Machining

Quantum is an industry leader in small engine valve fabrication. Our custom engine valve machining center coupled with our quality assurance program ensure peak performance in your specific engine application.

Die Casting

Investment, sand and die casting capabilities for steel, aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys are a core competency for Quantum.


Specializing in small engine, light industrial and commercial product component machining. With our vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers and CNC lathes we are able to achieve consistent, accurate results on all size and types of parts made from bar stock, plate, castings and fabrications. We work with mild and alloy steels, brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, stainless steel, cast iron and tool steel.

Metal Forming

Quantum fabricates metal formed components using staged die or progressive die technology. Quantum’s design for manufacture process optimizes our client’s design against common Asian materials and processes maintaining the client’s design intent while maximizing cost-efficiencies. Our dies are fabricated by the highest quality materials for long die life and tight part-to-part tolerances.

Plastic Components

Quantum supplies a very wide range of injection and blow molded, and extruded plastic parts. Many of these components support patent protected products either built by Quantum, or shipped to our clients for final assembly. Quantum’s molds are made to exacting tolerances and with the highest grade materials for long tool life and tightly controlled part tolerances.


Quantum supplies an expanding portfolio of springs and wire formed products. We provide superior quality, excellent service and innovation for your project needs by focusing on precision, compression, torsion, recoil, tension and wire form products.

Industrial Controls

Quantum Manufactures critical components including machined Invar for the controls industry.

Custom Fastener Applications

Quantum Solutions has developed and introduced multiple custom fastener products to meet the assembly application needs of our customers.

Blade Applications

Specializing in trimmer blade and saw blade applications, Quantum supplies multiple designs and materials for the consumer specific OEM applications.

Knobs and Wheels

Quantum Solutions has a wide range of accessory products for the lawn and garden industry including plastic knobs, wheels, clamps, straps, brackets, stampings, castings, eyelets and more.

Rubber Components

Quantum supplies a wide range of custom and common rubber parts for clients in North America and Europe.

Spin Formed Components

Quantum Solutions supplies spun formed Aluminum products for multiple consumer product categories.

Cold-Heading and Broached components

Specializing in custom cold-headed and broached features for fastener and tooling applications.

Tube Forming

Capable to meet tight next assembly dimensional requirements for multiple consumer product applications.


Quantum supplies a range of specialized and engineered textile products including harnesses used in the lawn and garden industry, specialized bags and cases including branded merchandise.

Dowel Pins

Supply multiple solid and hollow dowel pin products for various industries.

Powdered Metal Components

Capability that supports light industrial clients.


Quantum supplies a series of clamps including 304 stainless steel clamps, Quick Release Hose Clamps, Hose Clamps, Stainless Clamps, Lined Hose Clamps, Worm Gear Hose Clamps, Worm Drive Hose Clamps and Hose Clamps.


Stainless steel, Brass and steel forging capabilities for any medium or small part applications, our very cost effective tooling launch solutions can support tight time lines for any custom production part.

Electrical Products

Consumer Product Application DC and Stepper Motors

Quantum supplies stepper motors and drivers. Our company has provided many top-grade stepper motor and controlling units for Asian and U.S. client applications. Quantum also supplies geared and non-geared DC motors. We have a wide range of motors that can meet most motor specification and application needs.

AC Motors

Quantum Solutions supplies a wide range of AC motors for a wide range of applications including Fan, HVAC, Pump and Primary Mover applications for many industries.

Consumer Product Power Components

Quantum supplies multiple power and transformer components for various industrial applications.

PCBA and other Electrical Components

Quantum solutions has developed and commercialized multiple custom printed circuit assembly products. Our factory goals are to meet cost targets, fabricate per functional requirements and certify your design to meet your custom application needs. All components are ROHs certified. Certification services are available. Quantum also supplies multiple configurations of electrical transformers, solenoids, switches and other electrical system components.

LED Displays, Decorative and Holiday Lighting

Quantum provides turn-key LED displays customized to our clients’ specific needs. This includes large billboard displays, Point of Purchase Kiosks and various innovative holiday light and solar light products.

Commercial Products


Quantum Solutions provides a wide range of commercial and retail plumbing components and assemblies. Our product line includes faucets, valves, fittings, vessels and custom application components.

Consumer Product Display and Private Label Products

Quantum has a wide range of product display case fabrication methods. Our experience in the value-added pack industry has resulted in many look and feel options for your product’s promotional needs. From leather, diamond print PP, Acrylic and more; we can supply a great look for your products display needs.

Custom Consumer Lock Products


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